Made in fabrika fotografa 9 - Timișoara


Photography academy Fabrika Fotografa is nine years old!

We celebrate our ninth birthday with a photo exhibition of our students.

What comes after Corona? How do we experience those months and what has changed? Our photographers show the “new world” as they see it through their camera lens, and captured their emotions inspired by the events they lived with.

Most of them traveled and sincerely tried to convey the spirit of the destinations they visited and show their experience of those countries.

The central birthday exhibition was placed in October in Belgrade, where 84 authors exhibited their photographs. The youngest author is 12, and the oldest 80 years old. Apart from Serbia, we had the opportunity to see the works of authors who live in Spain, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, and New Zealand.

Also, part of this exhibition will be photos made by our students at Photo Colony in Vršac, that took place in June 2022. from the project “My neighbourhood with my camera” organised by Cirkuliranje.

The exhibition in Timișoara is composed of selected projects from the central exhibition and it is opened on December 15th 2022. at Centrul Multifuncțional Bastion, and this is only introduction of future projects Cirkuliranje and Fabrika Fotografa will do in next period with Timiș County.

The exhibition will be open until end of December, and all exhibited photos you can see bellow (click on the cover photo of each project to open the gallery).

Jelena Mitić


Teodor Milošević

Student days

Vera Mitrović

Postcards from Ibiza

Tatjana Damjanović

Postcards from the kitchen

Ivana Svetlik

What I started, you continue

Ivanka Bekovac Pernar


Marija Trkulja

The house

Zoran Vujanović

The world around me

Milena Sredojević

Postcards from Doha

Vesna Lazarević

Postcards from Pakistan

Vesna Đukić

Postcards from Cuba

Jelena Jović

Postcards from Morocco

Jelena Popović

I, Jelena.

Ivana Isić

Diary pages

Nikolina Vujinović

Beauty Shadow


Photo Colony – Vršac 2022

Selected photos from Photo Colony “My neighbourhood, with my camera” organised by Cirkuliranje in June 2022 in Vršac, Serbia.

Authors of photos:
Maja Stojanović
Jelena Mitić
Dragana Pajić
Vesna Ružić

Mila Torović


Viktorija Marković

Postcards from Cappadocia

Tatjana Subotić

Postcards from Thailand

Tamara Paležević

Portrait of a clothespin

Milica Nikolić

Postcards from Cyprus

Milan Maričić


Ivana Nikolić

Broken in translation

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